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Het huis van Nijntje (Dutch)

Het huis van NijntjeThis Dutch book, Het Huis van Nijntje, shows where Nijntje lives, how she eats, where she keeps her toys and where she sleeps ...
Price: £4.99

Koningin Nijntje (Dutch)

Koningin NijntjeIn this Dutch printed book, Koningin Nijntje, Nijntje dreams that she is Queen and lives in a Palace ...
Price: £4.99

Laugh & Learn Puppy's Animal Pals Book (Dutch/French)

PuppiesDutchFrenchPuppy's Animal Pals book brings all of baby's favourite characters to life in an interactive story, full of activities and fun! With every page turn, the story is read to baby and the activities offer additional learning content. Features sung songs, fun phrases and sound effects.
Price: £18.99£17.49
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Laugh & Learn Singin' Soccer Ball (Dutch)

Singin Football_DutchThe Dutch Laugh & Learn Singin' Soccer Ball kicks up the fun for your baby! This soft, plush ball is a perfect way to teach counting, abc's, manners, colours and more! Features 5 songs, fun phrases and sound effects.
Price: £24.99£22.99

Nijntje (Dutch)

NijntjeIn this Dutch printed book, the first in the Nijntje series, Nijntje is born and all the animals at the farm come and visit ...
Price: £4.99

Nijntje aan zee (Dutch)

Nijntje aan zeeIn this wonderful Dutch book, Nijntje aan Zee, Nijntje goes to the beach and builds a sandcastle, collects shells and goes swimming in the sea ...
Price: £4.99

Nijntje danst (Dutch)

Nijntje danstWhen Nijntje learns a dance at school, she can't wait to go home and show her parents ... (Nijntje Danst - printed in Dutch)
Price: £4.99

Nijntje gaat logeren (Dutch)

Nijntje gaat logerenNijntje has a 'sleep-over' at a friend. It is fun to see how things are done in someone else's house ... (Nijntje gaat Logeren - printed in Dutch)
Price: £4.99