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Laugh & Learn Camera (Swedish)

Camera_SwedishThe Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Camera teaches your baby numbers, colours, greetings, feelings and more in Swedish. Press the button to turn the camera on, press the toggle to take a picture and hear a sound. Your baby can bat at the smiley/silly face lens to hear a song.
Price: £17.99£16.99

Laugh & Learn Driver (Swedish/English)

Driver_SwedishBilingualPut baby in the driver’s seat to take charge of steering, shifting gears, clicking the key, beeping the horn, and even turning left or right. All while enjoying exciting rumbling action, sing-along songs, realistic sounds, dancing lights. This is a Swedish and English bilingual toy from Fisher Price.
Price: £39.99£36.49

Laugh & Learn Keys (Swedish)

Keys_SwedishOpen up a world of learning fun with a set of keys from Fisher Price that bring favourite songs and colours to life. Clip the keys anywhere and take Swedish learning fun along!
Price: £17.99£16.99
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Laugh & Learn Phone (Swedish)

LearningPhone_SwedishThe Swedish Laugh & Learn Phone combines 3 modes with fun role play! Your baby/toddler learns ABC's, 123's and 9 musical ditty's, phrases and sound effects.
Price: £22.99£20.99

Laugh & Learn Puppy (Swedish)

Puppy_SwedishThis Swedish speaking Puppy helps your baby/toddler learn parts of the body with musical games. Two interactive play modes teach the alphabet, colours and more. It also features sing-along songs, sounds and fun sayings.
Price: £35.99£32.49
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Peek-a-boo Cuckoo Clock (Swedish)

PeekABoo_Cuckoo_SwedishThe Laugh & Learn Peek-a-Boo Cuckoo clock is full of surprises for your baby/toddler with sung songs, lights, and lots of activities. Your child can meet the peek-a-boo light-up bird, learn about times of day or hear a counting song - there's lots of ways to play with this Swedish Peek-a-Boo Cuckoo!
Price: £20.99£19.49